UI Suggestion: Flow execution/failure duration metrics

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Currently, some flows only have a console log of events that happen during flow execution. It would be useful to have a graphical representation, especially nested flows, of the metrics of the individual child flows. For example, a Nested flow that has 5 child-flows would have metrics related to how long each child flow took to execute. These would be graphically represented as a roll up to the parent flow run duration.
This will accomplish 2 things:
1. Performance tuning would be easier on complex flows
2. Determining the cause of errors/failures would be easier, ie "which execute post sql task is the one that broke out of the 7 I have in my master nested-flow?"

Perhaps represent nested flows as trees for parallel running flows within a parent flow?

Done Suggested by: Drew Thompson Upvoted: 08 Jan Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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