Implement priority queue and throttling for user-defined APIs (listeners)

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Scenario 1: upstream system slammed the system with thousands of API calls in a short span of time, eventually freezing and requiring a reboot to stop all jobs

Scenario 2: one API could take a higher priority than another or one workflow or another – in a situation where 1000 jobs properly queue in one job – but another has one high priority job – a way to skip the line


1. Add the ability to set the numeric priority for the API endpoint (listener). The lower the number the higher the priority of the endpoint. Calls to the endpoints with a higher priority will be processed first.

2. Add the ability to set the maximum number of the API calls that can be processed during a configurable amount of time. Other calls will be waiting in a persisted queue until the current batch of calls has been processed. On the restart, the environment will keep processing not yet processed requests that are sitting in a queue.

Done roadmap Suggested by: Olena Sherbinin Upvoted: 08 Mar, '21 Comments: 3

Comments: 3